Duncan McClellan Gallery presentation

I recently had the privilege of presenting my work through the highly acclaimed Duncan McClellan Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL.

In case you missed the presentation, you can still view it here!


Spinning out a Wavy Bowl

I am in the final stages of blowing this wavy bowl, so I need to get the glass super hot in order to spin it open using centrifugal force. I then turn it downward. and pause briefly while spinning the glass, so that gravity and timing cause the waves to form. Thanks to my assistant Audrey Penny.

Building up Layers of Glass to Create a Vessel

James Wilbat is in the process of creating a blown glass vessel by building up layers of glass and shaping each layer and letting them cool, while visitors watch at his annual studio open house. Assistant Nick Paul explains how we use cherry wood blocks, folded wet newspaper, and propane torches to assist with the shaping, heating and cooling process.

Pulling Glass Cane at the studio

James Wilbat pulls glass cane at his studio with the help of Eric Bernardi and Arielle Pollock.

James Wilbat SOFA Chicago Glassblowing demo

This is a video of James Wilbat, Eric Bernardi and Audrey Penny creating a roll up vase at the Corning Museum of Glass Mobile Glass Studio during SOFA Expo, Chicago Navy Pier, November 2013.

James Wilbat Glass Blowing Segment

Produced, Edited and Filmed by Aaron Rosen. A look at glassblower James Wilbat. November 2011.